A Vision for Winchester

All citizens of Winchester should be empowered and enfranchised. I will lead ethically and with integrity. Transparency and accountability are not partisan issues. These are values that are important to us, the people who make Winchester their home.

I am especially excited the share these cornerstones of my promise to Winchester:

  • TRANSPARENCY: I will always convey the truth to the public, listen to the voice of the people, and facilitate dialogue about tough issues.

  • COMMUNITY: Winchester is our hometown, not just a tourist destination. I will advocate for the backbone of our community: our citizens and businesses across the city.

  • STEWARDSHIP: More spending does not equate to smart spending. Our city counts on us to pay increasingly higher taxes, and we should be able to count on them to provide basic services.  I will do my best to promote responsible stewardship of your hard-earned dollars.

We are Winchester


Winchester should be a good place to live, not just visit - and that involves meeting our basic needs.  Safety is our most basic need. Our City's neglect of our fire and rescue department has led to an urgent public safety crisis. Our fire department has not been fully staffed since January 2017.  Even with forced overtime, staffing is at dangerously low levels that has raised alarm among firefighters across the Commonwealth. Firefighters have our backs in emergencies; it is time for our city to have theirs. This starts with restoring trust, as the $45,000 ESCI report on the department recommends. 


Everyone in Winchester should have a voice. Democracy depends on engagement with citizens. The stronger your voice is, the stronger our democracy.  Everyone in our community must feel safe sharing their concerns and perspectives.  I will advocate for equal access to representation and resources across all four wards. I will fight for the removal of impediments to community engagement, starting with the Standards of Decorum that prioritize image over integrity and restrict citizens' engagement with elected officials. 


Winchester’s greatest strength is its people. This is our city, it does not belong to City Hall.  I plan to use my office and my vote on City Council to give a voice to all Winchester’s citizens, and make our hometown a better place for all of us, now and in the future. I will work to make sure agenda items at City Council meetings are chosen through collaboration instead of a single person. When City Council does the business of the people, that should be reflected through a Human Impact section-- in addition to the existing Budget Impact-- on each agenda item: Who benefits fro this action? Who is burdened by it? Who was consulted?