• Danielle Bostick

Winchester City Council Must Repeal the Standards of Decorum

It is a big problem when citizens assume everything is fine; city employees are afraid to speak out about problems; and elected representatives are told to forward citizen complaints to the city manager, avoid speaking to city employees, and refrain from speaking negatively about the city.

The seven-page Standards of Decorum the mayor touted as a major accomplishment obstruct engagement, transparency, and accountability. These standards create a barrier to the kind of engagement that is foundational to our democracy.

Citizens need to have enough information to provide accountability. City staff (e.g. the firefighters) need to feel free to express themselves without fear of being viewed as disloyal.

It is time for a change. As mayor, I will value, not suppress, the voices of citizens and the people who work here.

Here are two pieces I have written for the Winchester Star on this topic:

Winchester Standards of Decorum Obstruct Transparency and Engagement (July 8, 2020)

We Deserve Transparent Local Government (June 1, 2020)

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