• Danielle Bostick

Winchester Distracted From Critical Crises

Our city has been distracted. It is time to focus on what matters!

From the recently enacted Standards of Decorum for the City of Winchester:

"Council members are constantly being observed by the community that they serve. Their behaviors and comments serve as models for proper conduct in the City of Winchester. Honesty and respect for the dignity of each individual should be reflected in every word, communication and action taken by Council members, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is a serious and continuous responsibility."

How about respect for the safety of individual citizens & fire/rescue personnel? How about the serious responsibility to have a functional fire and rescue department in our city? How about some continuous efforts to make sure the department is properly staffed & that the culture/climate of the WFRD is such that fire & rescue personnel WANT to stay.

As mayor, I promise to fully support the Winchester Fire and Rescue Deparment & prioritize our safety over cordiality. In the midst of a public safety crisis, alarm/anger are justified responses that match the gravity of the situation. Winchester should be a great place to work and serve-- from department head positions (like fire chief) to a newly hired city fire fighter. And, it should be a safe place to live. When firetrucks arrive to emergencies with just the driver, it puts both citizens and fire/rescue personnel at risk. We deserve better.