Winchester Fire & Rescue Should Be the City's Top Priority

I am not advocating for the fire and rescue department because of my campaign. A big reason my campaign arose is because of the Winchester Fire and Rescue Department. The neglect of the WFRD and our volunteer firefighters was the straw-- or, rather, I-beam-- that broke the camel's back. These are my remarks at the City Council meeting on January 28, 2019:

Winchester is not just a place that hosts a parade and it is not just a tourist destination. We live here, and safety is our most basic need. For years the firefighters have tried to avert a public safety crisis by warning the city about what was going to happen. That day has arrived when one firefighter goes out on a truck to respond to calls. This is a critical, critical emergency that City Council has a responsibility to address. It poses a danger to both firefighters and our residents. Living in Winchester should not pose a threat to personal safety and right now it is because of the lack of staffing in our fire department. This is not something that has happened out of the blue, it is something you have been warned about for years. So, it is time to respond to this, not just with a study, but to treat it like the emergency that it is. Because we live here.